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Mayiladuthurai temple

Sri Mayuranathaswami temple

This is also called the 'Big temple' of the town, and the goddess here protects her devotees who surrender and worships her. Hence she is called Abayambikai alias Anjal Nayaki ( Abayam means giving protection ). Famous poets like Appar, Sambandhar, Arunagiri nadhar have rendered songs in praise of the deity. Sri Muthuswamy Dikshidar and Saint Thyagaraja who were among the famous Sangeetha Mummoorthis, met in this temple and sang in praise of the god. Dikshidar has rendered nine krithis on Abayambikai called Navavarna krithis. This temple is under the control of Thiruvavaduthurai Adhinam and Dharmapuram Adhinam.

Sri Ayyarappar temple

This temple is one of the oldest temple and is of Archeological interest. This temple houses many Stone inscriptions of Kulothungha chola period. Ambal's name is Dharmasamvardhani ( one who helps the growth of Dharma ).

Sri Vadhanyeshwarar temple

On the northern bank of the Cauvery, in Uttara Mayuram, is situated the lovely temple familiarly called Vallalar koil. The beautiful and panoramic view of the Cauvery with the Rishaba mantabam in the middle draws pilgrims and tourists alike.

The main deity is Sri Vadhanyeshwarar and the Goddess goes by the name of Gnanambika. On the southern side of the sanctum sanctorum is situated the shrine of Sri Medhaa Dakshinamurthy. Dakshinamurthy is portrayed usually as a yogi under a banyan tree, His right hand held in gnana mudra, imparting wisdom silently to the aged Sankartha munis.

Sri Punukeeswarar temple

This temple is situated in Koorainadu in the western part of Mayuram. This is named after Punuku siddar who got Moksha here. Koorai means clothe. During a typical South Indian marriage, a typical South Indian bride (notwithstanding mixed marriages!) wears a saree, which is called Koorai saree. In olden days such sarees were woven only in koorainadu and this is the reason behind the name 'koorai pudavai'.

Sri Parimala Ranganatha swamy temple

From the birth of holy river Cauvery in ThalaCauvery to its end in Poompukar, there are five Ranganathas and one of them is Sri Parimala Ranganathar in Thiruindhalur on the banks of Cauvery. Alwars (Vaishnavite poets) have sung on the greatness of Parimala Ranganatha. This temple is among the 108 vaishanava Thirupathis. Perumal (Lord Vishnu) in this is Parimala Ranganathan (Maruviniya Maindhan, Sugandavana Nathan) in veerasayanam pose facing East. Thaayar (Goddess) is called Parimala Ranganayaki,

Chandra-shapa-vimochanavalli and Pundarikavalli

Chandran got his curses absolved by Thaayar in this place. This is the reason why Thaayar got that name 'Chandra-shapa-vimochanavalli'. Perumal in Sayana posture has Chathur bujha and Caverydevi and Gangadevi can be seen near the head and foot of Perumal.

Sri Kasi Vishwanatha swamy temple

This temple can conveniently be called as a branch of Kasi Vishwanatha temple. Pilgrims, who cant go to Kasi, can worship here and get the same effect. This is in the thula ghat ( Laghatam ) on the banks of Cauvery. Dhondi vinayaka and Bhairava are also seen in this temple.