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Nearest railway station to Rambha

Rambha is located 2.1 KM away from the nearest railway station ' Rambha Railway Station '. Kindly check the current status of the Rambha Railway Station at concern department.
DistanceRailway StationState
2.1 KMRambha Railway StationOrissa
10.5 KMKhallikot Railway StationOrissa
10.5 KMRailway Station KhallikotOrissa
21.7 KMChatrapur Court Railway StationOrissa
27.4 KMBalugaon Railway Station CreatOrissa
27.6 KMBalugaon Railway StationOrissa
32.2 KMJagnathpur Railway StationOrissa
50.4 KMGolanthra Railway Station Orrisa RksAndhra_Pradesh
52.6 KMKalupadaghat Railway StationOrissa
55.3 KMSurla Road Railway Station Andhra PradeshAndhra_Pradesh

Train from rambha

ganjam - khallikot -

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