1 ounce (oz) is 29.57303 milliliters, but only if you're using US ounces.
If you're using British ounces, the answer is 28.41 milliliters (because one US oz is 1.0408 UK oz)

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Ounce to milliliter soft Conversion

Conversion of units refers to conversion factors between Ounce to milliliter units of measurement for the same quantity. Some conversions from one system of units to another need to be exact, without increasing or decreasing the precision of the first measurement. This is sometimes called soft conversion. It does not involve changing the physical configuration of the item being measured. Ounce to milliliter conversion has same value in different measurement unit.

Ounce to milliliter hard Conversion

By contrast, a Ounce to milliliter hard conversion or an adaptive conversion may not be exactly equivalent. It changes the measurement to convenient and workable numbers and units in the new system. It sometimes involves a slightly different configuration, or size substitution, of the item.