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ankola Eru Alinjal

Ankola or Eru Alinjai is a tree related to hinduism. It is used for some magical related things in india. The tree has a special significance that its seeds are getting attracted to the tree itself like a magnet. When the fruits of the tree fall on the round, after the fruit essence is eaten by ants and other insects, the seeds get attached to the main tree itself during lightning and thunder. What is more surprising is the fact that the seeds get attached even to the cement platform base of the tree. What a nature’s wonder! This signifies that the final destination of the human beings is the lotus feet of the lord. The season for the fruits/seeds is during the tamil month Chithirai and Vaikasi but you can see the seeds sticking to the tree and the base of the platform during any time. It seems the seeds also have the medicinal power for leprosy.ankola Eru Alinjal
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