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Poompuhar kaver sangam amman temple

kaver Sangam Amman Temple 
Temple name kaver Sangam Amman Temple 
Temple category Amman 
God/Daiety name Amman 
State TN 
District poompuhar 
Locationlatitude 11.137988 longitude 79.856487
Village poompuhar
StreetKaver sangam with Bay of bengal
PIN code332024
Opening Time10 IST
Closing Time8 IST
Maintened byPoompuhar Fisherist
Builed yearNO

About templeAmman temple is located on the bank of cauvery river and shore of bay of bengal. In poompuhar sangamam it is giving grace to devotees.

FestivalsThai ammavasai

How to reachIt can be reached from mayiladuthurai to karuvi, melaiyur, tharmakulam. From sirkali it can be reached via mangaimadam, melaiyur.

Nearest City/Town
12.3 KMTharangambadiNagapattinamTNTP
17.0 KMSirkaliNagapattinamTNM
18.0 KMNathamDindigulTNTP
18.4 KMSeithurVirudhunagarTNTP
20.5 KMVaitheeswarankoilNagapattinamtnTP
22.5 KMPudupattinamKancheepuramTNCT
23.5 KMPeralamThiruvarurTNTP
25.1 KMKaraikalKaraikalPYM
25.3 KMMayiladuthuraiNagapattinamTNM
27.2 KMKotturCoimbatoreTNTP

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