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Gud ananta baladev jew temple

Ananta Baladev jew temple 
Temple name Ananta Baladev jew temple 
Temple category Others 
God/Daiety name Baladev 
State OR 
District AGALPUR 
Village gud
PIN code756046
Opening Time1 IST
Closing Time1 IST

About templethis temple also 300 yrs old, its situated at balasore district soro tahshil/ps gud villege. baladev, navgraha, radha krishna and other gods are here, and annually many festival also celebration there, famous festivals are Ratha yatra, chandan yatra, rakhya bandhan, snahan yatra, holi, tulashi bibaha,

How to reachnearest railway station soro about 15 km. nearest bus stop Jamujhari about15 km
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