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Veliyanallur shri mahadev eswarar temple

Shri Mahadev Eswarar Temple 
Temple name Shri Mahadev Eswarar Temple 
Temple category Siva 
God/Daiety name Thirupura Sundari Sametha Shri Mahadev Eswarar 
State TN 
District CHEYYAR 
Locationlatitude 3 longitude 3
Village Veliyanallur
Opening Time1 IST
Closing Time1 IST
Builed yearBefore 1000 yea
Builded byShri Raja Raja Chozhan

About templeTemple is under construction now. It is built by Shri Rajaraja Cholan before Thousand Years. And with the help of the devotees funding for the renovation, it is under the re construction now. Expected to complete in another 6 months.

HistoryThe temple was built by Shri Raja Raja Chozhan before thousand years(1012). The temple is damaged due to the invasion of Nawabs during the following years. We are now on the process of collecting funds for the repairing charges of the temple. Whoever interested Donors are free to reach out to temple anytime to donate the amount directly to the temple or mail me at pramzzz@gmail.com

Special featuresBuilt before 1000 years by Shri Raja Raja Chozhan.

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