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Dondaicha gopal krushna temple dondaicha

Gopal Krushna Temple, Dondaicha  
Temple name Gopal Krushna Temple, Dondaicha  
Temple category Siva 
God/Daiety name Shri Krishna 
State MH 
District DHULE 
Locationlatitude 21.33 longitude 74.57
Village Dondaicha
StreetMandal Road
PIN code425408
Opening Time6 IST
Closing Time22 IST
Maintened byPanchabhai Family
contact phone/mobile9422760607
Builed year1940
Builded byAacharya Shankar Gopalrao Panchabhai

About templeThe temple is about 75 years old and is one of the temples of lord Krishna in which lord Krishna`s murti is single no murti of radha is there.

Festivals1 Vasantotsav from falgun vadya pratipada to falgun vadya ashtami2 Shrimad Bhagwatam Parayan and samhita wachan3 Gokulashtami, Krishna janmashtami

HistoryThis temple was created by Aacharya Shankar Gopalrao Panchabhai in 1940 for completing the promise given to his guru Shri Vitthal Swami maharaj His guru was have an aim to construct 5 dwarkadhish temples in the locality but they completed only 4 in their lifetime. then for completing guru`s aim aacharya Shankar maharaj built this temple.

Special featuresOne of the big temples of the locality, also during fair, and festivals, hundreds of people came for worshipping.

Worshiped byit is a huge belief temple of the locality too many people came here for worshipping lord Krishna.

How to reachDondaicha Town is having Railway station, and also having bus stand of MSRTCDistance to Temple:Railway station=2kmMSRTC bus stan=2km

Publisher NameParag Gopal Panchabhai

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