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Chandod shri sheshnarayan temple

Shri Sheshnarayan Temple 
Temple name Shri Sheshnarayan Temple 
Temple category Vishnu 
God/Daiety name Shri Sheshnarayan 
State GJ 
District VADODARA 
Village Chandod
StreetSheshnarayan Tekra
PIN code391105
Opening Time7 IST
Closing Time19 IST
Maintened bySheshnarayan Temple Trust
contact phone/mobile9601751215
Builed year1547
Builded byShri Govindrao Gaikwad

About templeThis Sheshnarayan Temple is 450 year old build by Gaikwad Suba in Chandod one of Sacred town in Gujarat.Main thing of this black marbled statue of Sheshnarayan is Self manifested before 460 years ago according to Reva Khanda Narmada puran.This is near to bank of Holy river Narmada in Vadodara district.

FestivalsSheshsai Pragtya Mahotsav, Diwali Annakut, Janmastami,Rathyatra,Chaturmas,Hindola Utsav,Tulsi Vivah,Vishnuyag on Magsar Sud 11,Holy,

HistoryAfter Killing Tilmegh demon, lord vishnu try to wash his Sudarshan chakra in Narmada's water at Chandod, he found holy peace here so he stayed there instead of to go at Skshirsagar.In Kalyuga he self manifested at Chandod on Magsar Sud 11, and situated in Temple build by Shri Govindrao Gaikwad before 450 year ago.So its holy place in Chandod pilgrimage place in Gujarat state.This temple follow Vaishnav Sampraday tradition puja vidhi.So all vaishnavjan across india are coming here to get the blesses of Shri Sheshsai.

Special features1.Statue of Shri Sheshnarayan is self manifested.This is only temple having self manifested statue of Sheshnarayan in india.

Worshiped byWorshiped by 4 bramhin family since long time by Pustimargiy & eternal vaidik tradition in Chandod.

How to reachBy Road from Vadodara, chandod is 55 km far away.By Bus, Private vehicle within 2 hour one can reach at Chandod.

Publisher NameVedang Thakar
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