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Belda maa jageswari mandira

Maa Jageswari Mandira 
Temple name Maa Jageswari Mandira 
Temple category Kali 
God/Daiety name Jageswari Maa 
State OR 
District BHADRAK 
Village Belda
StreetBangala Danda
PIN code756118
Opening Time6 IST
Closing Time8 IST
Maintened byJageswari Maa Sansthana,Belda
contact phone/mobile09861630806,
Builed yearabout 1940
Builded byvillagers

About templeThis is said to be a Yogini pitha and people of Belda and nearby villages worship the goddess on all days.The special occassion is the Jagulai Panchami when Maa enters spitit of a devottee and talks to the people through him abouy wellbeing of villages and their good and bad deeds.Some believe that Maa is the incarnation of Durga Mata and on the Rathyatra day in 2012,villagers established maa's statue.The origin of this old temple/diety is legendary.The elders in the village say the bastu pinda in original was found on the riverbed of Salandi/Nalia and one fisherman brought it to village after noticing the pinda/diety.Subsequently,one Sh. Fakir Majhi donated land for taking care of the diety.

FestivalsJaguali, Rathyatra

Worshiped byBrahma Tripathi & Rattu Parida

How to reachFrom Bhadrak railway station take auto/taxi to the temple via Arnapal or Bhadrakali sahi.Taxi fare Rs.150/- approx.(2012).

Publisher NameDebendra Prasad Majhi
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