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Hasmathpet sri veera anjaneya swamy

sri veera anjaneya swamy  
Temple name sri veera anjaneya swamy  
Temple category Siva 
God/Daiety name hanuman 
State AP 
District A.KONDURU 
Village hasmathpet
Streetnear govt school
PIN code500009
Opening Time5 IST
Closing Time10 IST
Maintened bypatnam maheshwar goud
Builed year5

About templeth god.is temple is in hasmathpet secuneabad.since 45years old one man doing meditation for

Festivalssriramanavami.hanuman jayanthi and hindu festivals

Historygood history since 45years.

Worshiped byshyam

How to reachfrom secunerabad 26.26m.26g.26n buses

Publisher Nameshyam
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