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Pulappatta jaladurga temple mundolly

jaladurga temple ,mundolly, 
Temple name jaladurga temple ,mundolly, 
Temple category Kali 
God/Daiety name jaladurga 
State KL 
District PALAKKAD 
Village pulappatta
PIN code678632
Opening Time6 IST
Closing Time9 IST
Maintened bytemple committee formed by the local public
contact phone/mobile04662275405
Builed yearrenovated in 20
Builded bytemple renovation committee

About templejaladurga temple is situated in ariver side of thathtamkavil river,an ancient temple

Festivalsvishu vela in april, 3rd day of medam

Historyvery ancient temple, ,belived by the natives that heared when ever called, lot of experiences by the local villagers

Special featuresjaladurga temple in the river side of the mundolly is one of the rarest jaladurgas worshipped

Worshiped byhindus,but all the people from various religions contributed for re construction and make offerings always

How to reach just 1 kilometer from R.K.A.U.P.School thathramkavil kunnu,and thathramkavil temple along the river side ,also by canal road from kalladikkode deepa junction

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