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Matlupur khageshwar nath

Khageshwar Nath  
Temple name Khageshwar Nath  
Temple category Siva 
God/Daiety name shri shri 108 Baba Khageshwar nath 
State BR 
District ADAPUR 
Village Matlupur
StreetWard No 9/10
PIN code843115
Opening Time1 IST
Closing Time1 IST
Maintened byMandir Samiti
contact phone/mobile9608362922
Builed yearUnKnown
Builded byUnknown

About templeIt is located in Rural Area. And it is also famous in Muzaffarpur


HistoryThis temple is very Old. It is also very famous in this area.

Worshiped byPandit/Public

How to reachMuzaffarpur/Dholi/Pusa

Publisher NameBasuki Nandan
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