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Rotoojayalnagaur rotoo guru jambheshwar temple

Rotoo, Guru Jambheshwar Temple 
Temple name Rotoo, Guru Jambheshwar Temple 
Temple category Vishnu 
God/Daiety name Sri Guru Jambheshwar 
State RJ 
District NAGAUR 
Village Rotoo,Jayal,Nagaur
StreetJangid Colony
PIN code341023
Opening Time1 IST
Closing Time1 IST
Maintened byVikash Jangid
contact phone/mobilevicky01583@gmai

About templeHe launched the eco-religious revolution known as Bishnoism at Samrathal Dhora on eighth day of black fortnight of the month of Kartika (Indian Lunar Calender) in 1485 A.D. Jambho ji, was born in a remote village Pipasar in 1451 A.D. He was the only child of his parents i.e. Father,Lohat ji Panwar and Mother, Hansa Devi. For first 7 years, Jambho ji was a silent, introvert child. He also spent a lot of time (27 years) as a cowboy like Lord Krishna (Incidentally both had an identical Birth day i.e. Janmashtami!), In Rotoo Village sri guru ji made a lot "Chamtkar". In Rotoo Village having very big Jamoji Temple which is 2 no in rajasthan.

How to reachFrom Nagaru to NH-65 up to Surpaliya. From there 10 KM Jayal Side...
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