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Mudikondan kali temple

Temple name kALI tEMPLE 
Temple category Amman 
God/Daiety name bHADRA Kali 
State TN 
Village mudikondan
Streetkaliamman koil theru
PIN code609502
Opening Time12 IST
Closing Time14 IST
Maintened byloacl peope
Builed yearnil

About templetemple is recently built Importance is only to deity

Festivalsvillage festival with mari amman, pidari amman rathetc two masks of kali will be worn under very very strict niyamas and will go round the village.people will sacrifice goat or cock

Historyvery old . once a brahminwas doing puja in the banks of river thirumalai rajan river. he saw a cane box floating and moving down streeam and he asked a near by fisher manto fetch it. when the box was opened they saw that two masks of kali was there with a palm leave that who soevr opens the box must maintain the deity .she will bless but if you leave it again in the river very bad effect will be there. the brahmin took the box to his house and was worshipping and the deity wanted him to sacrifya goat but he was not willing. then all the village assenmbled anddecoided to keep the boxes in pidari koil and once in a yeatr they will celebrate the fesival with animal sacrificee.from then the whole villge is worshiping the deity and reaping benifits. nearly the festval is attended by 20/30 villages around. the progeny of the brahmin family is even to dacrify a cock at the time of festivalthe b

How to reachtake bus from mayuram to thiruvarur and alight at mudikondan
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