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Jalokhari chamunda mandir

Chamunda mandir 
Temple name Chamunda mandir 
Temple category Kali 
God/Daiety name Chamunda Maa 
State UP 
District ALIGARH 
Village Jalokhari
Opening Time1 IST
Closing Time1 IST
Builded byLate Pandit Bhawani Shankar Sharma

About templeThe Chamunda maa temple stone paved by Late Pandit Bhawani Shankar Sharma ( Bhuttu Boharen )before India Independence. People keep faith and bypassers offer prayer in morning and in a day in temple.Liqour is not offered here even after being a Kali Temple because Late Pandit Bhawani Shankar Sharma decided not to do so as he was strict vegetarian and no alcohal.

Worshiped byAll Hindus

How to reachYou can take bus to Khurja and after you can approach another bus to Jalokhari. You can also go by car.

Publisher NameHimanshu Sharma
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