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Varappetty thiruvarapetty mahadeva temple

Thiruvarapetty Mahadeva temple 
Temple name Thiruvarapetty Mahadeva temple 
Temple category Siva 
God/Daiety name Sree Mahadevan 
State KL 
Village Varappetty
PIN code686691
Opening Time5 IST
Closing Time20 IST
Maintened byan elected committee of the devotees.
contact phone/mobile 0485 2284111

About templeVarapetty Sri Mahadeva temple is one among the major ancient Siva temples in Kerala. It is believed that Parashuraman did the "Prathishta" (installation) here. Tharnanellur Illum has the right to conduct ‘Tanthrika’ pooja of this temple. The temple has a sacred pond of its own. It is believed that there is a divine spring of water in the pond where Mahadeva comes to take bath and this divine bath is witnessed by Devatas

Festivals‘Utsavam’ or annual festival commences on the first day of the month 'Meenam' (commencing in the middle of March) and gets over on the 8th day.

How to reachKothamangalam-Vazhakulam bus route, Varappetty is 7KMs and 9KMs away from Muvattupuzha and Kothamangalam respectively. Situated on top of a hilly area we have to climb up 60-70 steps to reach the Temple.
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