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Kottangal thricherpuram

Temple name Thricherpuram  
Temple category Siva 
God/Daiety name Sankara Narayana Swami 
State KL 
Village Kottangal
PIN code689587
Opening Time6 IST
Closing Time9 IST
Maintened bySree Sankara Narayana Swami Temple Trust
contact phone/mobile04692687662, 09
Builed yearNot Known(Renov
Builded byNot known

About templeIt's an ancient temple located at the top of a hill named "Thricherpuram Hill". It's history related to Sree Raman and this holy land is famous for Karkidaka Vavu Bali(Pithru Bali)

FestivalsKarkidaka Vavu Bali( Its famous for the oblations for the departed souls)

HistoryKnown as Dakshina Kashi and its history related to Sree Rama.

Special featuresA cave is here and from there, the devotees obtaining Prasadam

Worshiped byTharayil Kuzhikattu Narayanan Vasudevan Bhattathirippadu / Narayanaru Vaisravanaru

How to reachIt's 8 km away from Mallappally(Town nearer to Thiruvalla). In Mallappally - Ranni Road,a place named " Kochirappu" and from there a road to this temple

Publisher Namesunilpadimannil
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