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Bhoring guru ghasidas temple

Guru Ghasidas Temple 
Temple name Guru Ghasidas Temple 
Temple category Others 
God/Daiety name Guru Ghasidas Temple 
State CG 
Locationlatitude 21.2172706 longitude 82.1071816
Village Bhoring
Streetjay sthambh chouk
PIN code493445
Opening Time8 IST
Closing Time21 IST
Maintened byLukesh anwale
contact phone/mobile9203838060,7509
Builed year1933
Builded bynakul dev and all satnami

About templeThe God of Satnami. siting on 1933 first in Chattisgarh by the nakul dev dhidhi,dauva anwade and all gurukul kangade student in india.

Festivals18 December

Historyhistory 1933 in bhoring

Special featureshis truth

Worshiped byown

How to reachBhoring

Publisher NameLukesh anwale

Nearest City/Town
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