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Chintamani kailasagiri

Temple name Kailasagiri 
Temple category Siva 
God/Daiety name Shiva, and parivara-devathas 
State KA 
Locationlatitude 13 longitude 13
Village Chintamani
Streetseven km. away from Chintamani
PIN code563125
Opening Time10 IST
Closing Time4 IST
Maintened byGavi Gangadhareswara swamy Temple Trust
Builed year construction i
Builded byGavi Gangadhareswara swamy Temple Trust

About templeA few minutes drive (about seven kms) from Chintamani will lead you to Kailasa Giri a (mono-lithic), rock cut temple, carved in to a very tall, huge, natural single rock structure. Located in the back drop of its own unique natural beauty and identity, it is promoted by Gavi Gangadhareswara swamy Temple Trust. The project was conceived by and developed under the able leadership of Sri. Chowda Reddy, the former Home Minister of Karnataka. Mount Kailas is a peak in the Himalayas and a source of some of the longest rivers in Asia: the Indus River, the Sutlej River (a major tributary of the Indus River), the Brahmaputra River, and the Karnali River (a tributary of the Ganges River). Lake Manasarowar is near by. It is considered a sacred place by the followers of many religions. Hindus consider it to be the abode of Lord Shiva and a place of eternal bliss. Mountain kailas, the abode of Shiva, is part of Hindu culture from time immemorial, and has influenced many generations of people down the ages to have similar Kailasas nearer to them, resulting in the development of and naming of several up-coming religious and tourist places after the kailasagiri: They are listed here including the one at Chintamani: 1. Kailasagiri is a small historical village at a distance of 10 km from Ambur, Tamilnadu.2. Village : Kailasagiri Block : Peranambattu District : Vellore Tamil-Nadu3. Perecherla kailasagiri temple-Guntur district, Andhra-Pradesh 4. Vizag-Kailasagiri is the most attractive Tourist Place in Visakhapatnam and a favorite location among the filmmakers. The passenger rope way gives a perfect glimpse of entire Visakhapatnam city. Park Features: Sculptures, Shiva Parvathi Statue, Shanku Chakra Naama, Titanic View Point, Jungle Trails, seven Wonders of Vizag, Shiva Temple, Shanti Ashram, Floral Clock, Landscape Gardens / View Points, Road Train , Gliding Base Point, Children Play Park Art Gallery, Conference Hall, Telescopic Point, Food Courts other attractions include the Butterfly Park, Revolving Restaurant, Toy Train which runs for a distance of 2.5 Kilometers on the Kailasagiri Hill range presents from the top of the hill a panoramic view of Visakhapatnam to visitors. The first alternative energy park in Andhrapradesh was constructed here. 5. Kailasagiri Temple, Mangapuram Colony, Hyderabad 6. The largest and the most important rock-cut temple, Kailash Temple at Ellora, Maharashtra is named after Mount Kailash.7. The latest in the series of Kailasagiris is at Chintamani, chikkaballapur district in Karnataka state. Sarupa form of God Shiva is depicted here at Kailasagiri (near Chintamani) with His five faces: - Sadyojatha, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha, Esana. Shiva Panchakshari mantra: Na- Ma-Si-Va-Ya is basically the five bijaksharas explained in the following lines:1. Sadyojaata=the ‘newborn’,West Face: represents Earth-MahadevaThe soul is called as “Pratyagaatma”. “Sadyaha which means just now and Jataha means now born. Shiva makes his presence felt through the countless souls being born, the creative aspect of Parameshvara. Since the very existence of any being starts from its birth, the Sadyosata aspect of Lord Shiva is prayed first. Shi” Beekakshara in Panchakshara Mantra2.Vaama Deva=the ‘lord of the left side’, – North Face: represents Water- UmaVamadeva is generally portrayed as a woman. The term Vama means Left or innocent. If we stand facing east, North direction is to our left. Hence the north facing Shiva is worshipped as “Vaama Deva”. The left of a person is representative of the Shakti aspect. It represents “Maya and the feminine strength and beauty”, Hence in Ardha Nareeshwara aspect, we find the goddess on the left side. He is Kaala in creation and causes the erosion of one’s age. “Vaa” Beekakshara in Panchakshara Mantra3. Aghora =the ‘terrifying’, South Face: represents Fire-Bhairavastand facing east, south is our right. Hence right side is called as “Bala”. Aghora is a demonic figure. As important as right hand is for humans, The South face is important to Lord Shiva. This is also famously known as “Dakshina Murthy”. Those who worshipped the Aghora form of Shiva were called as “Aghoris”. Their main belief is that there is no such thing called “inauspicious” in this world because all that exists if Shiva himself. They generally live in graveyards and are naked. They use those things which the world has branded as “inauspicious”. Ma” Beekakshara in Panchakshara Mantra4. Tatpurasha =‘this man’, - East Face: Represents Air- NandiThe word “Tat” represents Paramatma. Tatpurusha means Saguna filled Para Brahma form.. The form of Shiva that is in meditation and Blessing the world – is this face. Hence this eastern face is considered as the first face. The word “Tatpurusha” means “his person”. One who is always behind a person to protect is Tatpurusha. Na” Beekakshara in Panchakshara Mantra5. Eeshana - Skyward Face: Represents Space-SadaShiva=the ‘eternally auspicious’,The word Ishvara is form the root “Aisha – Aishwarye”. Total wealth means the total control and ownership of all the fourteen worlds. Such form of Shiva, who is the total owner of the fourteen worlds, is called as Eeshna. This face is skywards, meaning it is on top of the other four faces which face the four directions. This fifth face of Shiva represents the creation – balance – annihilation energies, control and chaos energies. Eeshna face of Shiva which is skywards indicates the total encompassing energy of Lord Shiva. Ya” the Beejakshara in Panchakshara Mantra

Special featuresRock-cut temple in progress,All visitors get food served free around 12-30 PM, every day.

Worshiped byHindus

How to reachPublic conveyance by road up to Chintamani, private vehicles thereafter.

Publisher NameMadagondapalli V. Srinivasan

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