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Vedaranyam history

"Wantedboy kalyan live at vedaranyam" -Earlier known as "Thirumarikaadu" in the ancient era, Vedaranyam has been a famous Hindu place. Appar and Sundarar competed to sing and show their talents at this place. 11 Tamil songs to open the gates of the temple happened here. Because of the curse which happened during that time, still now most of the people use the back door to enter the temple. Recently after the kumbabhishegam now, the front gate is being used more frequently. The front gate faces the sea.

When Lord Shiv married to Parvati, the southern tip of the land got elevated because of unbalanced weight (lots of attnedees to the great Marriage) and Muni Agastiya was sent to the south to balance the land. When Muni Agastya came to the southern tip (which is the current Vedaranyam), he sought the balance. As he missed the marriage function, Lord Shiv and Parvati appeared in front of Muni Agastya in their wedding costume. It is because of this there is a temple of Lord Shiv (Vedaraneeswar). The only Shiv temple which has the Lord Shiv and Parvati in their whole wedding costume. There is also a place for Muni Agathiyar known as Agastiyampalli just 2 km away from the main temple. All exists till today.

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