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Varanasi shopping

* Sarees
Raj Gharana Sarees Bansphatak Send Enquiry Now
Shreya Sarees Bansphatak Send Enquiry Now
Brij Raman Das & Sons 37/132 Golghar, Town Hall Send Enquiry Now
Kala Niketan Dasashwamedh Lane Send Enquiry Now
Mehrotra Silk Factory Englishiya Lane Send Enquiry Now
Pitambari Bansphatak Send Enquiry Now
Sagun Sarees Bansphatak Send Enquiry Now
* Jewellery
Jewar Kothi Ramkatora Crossing Send Enquiry Now
Swarna Kala Kendra Godoulia Send Enquiry Now
Kanaiya Alankar Martdir Bhulanala Send Enquiry Now
Reena Jewellers Assi Ghat Send Enquiry Now
Chudamani Arts Chowk Send Enquiry Now
Mithai Shops Thatheri Bazar Send Enquiry Now
Madhur Jalpan Hauz Kathra Beside Kainiya Chitra Mandir Send Enquiry Now
Raj Bandhu Kachauri Gali Kshirsagar Sonarpura Send Enquiry Now
* Paan
Keshav Paanwala Lanka Chauraha Near BHU Send Enquiry Now
Babunandan Paanwala Thatheri Bazaar Send Enquiry Now
Mandan Maharaj Chitra Cinema Campus Send Enquiry Now
Ram Narain Thatheri Bazaar Send Enquiry Now
* Thandai
Mishrambu Godoulia Send Enquiry Now
Thandai Lok Godoulia Send Enquiry Now
Thandai Corner Godoulia Send Enquiry Now
* Handicrafts & Hand loom items
UPICA Bansphatak Send Enquiry Now
UP Handlooms Bunkar Market Send Enquiry Now
Sri Gandhi Ashram Maldahiya Send Enquiry Now
* Costumes for Idols
Mohan Shringar Kala Kendra Thatheri Bazaar Send Enquiry Now
Ayodhya Prasad Lakshmi Chand. Chowk (opposite Police Station) Send Enquiry Now
Kashinath & Co. Chowk Send Enquiry Now
Kashi Vishwanath & Co. Chowk Send Enquiry Now
* Meta (ware/Brass Items)
Agrawal Kala Kendra D 10/5, Shakshi Vinayak Vishwanath Gali Send Enquiry Now
Banaras Toy Museum Vishwanath Gali Send Enquiry Now
Pushpanjali 37/120 A Jagannathpuri Send Enquiry Now
* Wooden Toys
Aggarwal Toy Emporium D 10/56 Vishwanath Gali Send Enquiry Now
JR Ivory Arts & Curios D-20 Vishwanath Gali Send Enquiry Now
* Books
US Publishers Sharda Stationery Marg CK 27/446 Bansphatak Send Enquiry Now
Gautam Pustak Mandir Bhulanala Send Enquiry Now
Harmony B1/100 Assi Ghat Send Enquiry Now
Indica Books D 40/18 Godoulia Near Crossing Send Enquiry Now
Universal Godoulia, Near Crossing Send Enquiry Now
Chaukamba Sanskrit Bhawan Chowk Send Enquiry Now
Pilgrims Book House B 27/98 A-8 Durga Kund Send Enquiry Now
THE MEHTA INTERNATIONAL S. 20/51,3B, Varuna Bridge Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
TRIMURTI SILK HOUSE Mr.ANURAGKAPOOR O.K. 35/12 Saraswti Phatak Send Enquiry Now
THE BANARAS SILK SAREE CENTRE Sa. 14/98 J. 21 Sarnath, Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
VISHWANATM SAREE Mr. VIJAY KUMAR (TITTU) Kachaudi Gali,Vnsranasi. Send Enquiry Now
VRANASI ARTS EMPORIUM S-20/51 Ga, Nepali Kothi Varunapal Vns. Send Enquiry Now
JAMSHED TRANSIT CAB S-6/88 Pakki Bazar, Kachahari, Vns. Send Enquiry Now
BRESSLER SILK HOUSE 10/50 M.A. Hukulganj, M.A. Road, Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
BHAGWAN LILA SILKS (Near Rangoli Garden ) SA, 10/86-B-6, Sarnath, Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
BANARAS CARPETS & HANDI CRAFTS PVT. LTD. S. 20/53-14, Behind Hotel Clarks (Buddha Vihar Colonay) Cantt, Vns. Send Enquiry Now
BHAGWANLILA EXPORTS 41, Sindhunagar Colony Sigra, Varanasi Send Enquiry Now
CURIO COTTAGE Mr. Vinay Gupta S 20/53, Buddha Vihar Colonay Send Enquiry Now
CURIO PALACE S 20/53-4A-2 Buddha Vihar Colony, Near Hotel Clark Tower, Cantt Vns. Send Enquiry Now
COTTAGE INDUSTRIES EXPOSITION LTD. Mint House, Nadesar, Varanasi Send Enquiry Now
GYENESHWAR SILK INDUSTRIES D 1/32, Lahori Tola (Near Lalita Ghat), Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
HARMONY (General Indological Books & Classical Cassettes & C.Ds) B 1/158, Assi Ghat, Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
HANDLOOM SILK HOUSE S. 20/53-A Annapuma Colony, Varuna Bridge, Vns. Send Enquiry Now
INDIAN ART PALACE S. 8/110. M.A. Road, Khajuri, Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
INDIA CRAFTS 49, Imlok 2nd Nadesar, Vns. Send Enquiry Now
INDO COTTAGE INDUSTRIES S-20/57-A Kannedy Road, the mall Vns. Send Enquiry Now
J.R. IVORY ARTS & CURIOS D-20, Vishwanath Gali, Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
KAILASH SILK EMPORIUM S-20/33, Varuna Bridge, Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
KASHIKAARTS Shop No. 5, Imlok ii, Nadesar Vns Send Enquiry Now
MOON STONE IMPEX PVT. LTD. S.20/53-4 A-2 Keshav Ashram Annpura Colony, Mall Road Send Enquiry Now
MAHARANI'S ARTS PALACE S 19/3 Mint House Cantt, Vns. Send Enquiry Now
MEHATA'S SILK PVT. LTD. Ashapur Crossing, Sarnath, Vns Send Enquiry Now
MAHA BODHI BOOK STALL Mulgandh Kuti vihar, Samath, Vns. Send Enquiry Now
MAHA LAXMI SAREE HOUSE (Govt. Approved) Plot No. -10,Chandrika Nagar, Sigra, Varanasi Send Enquiry Now
ORIENTAL TEXTILES S. 10/252 Sunder Villa, M.A. Road, Vns. Send Enquiry Now
PADMA HANDICRAFTS PVT. LTD. Bunglow No. 25 C Near SSP Bunglow Send Enquiry Now
PILIGRIMS BOOK HOUSE B. 27/98-A-8, Nawabganj, Durgakund, Varanasi Send Enquiry Now
ROKUYAON GIFT SHOP Mr. Vinod Jain Sarnath, Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
SAI SILK KALA KENDRA MANI SHANKAR C.K. 35/13 Saraswati Phatak, Vns. Send Enquiry Now
SRI MAA PERFUME SHOP Vishwnath Gali Send Enquiry Now
SILK EMPORIUM J. 13/93-6, Cotton Mill (Beside Police Chauki) Chaukaghat, Varanasi. Send Enquiry Now
S.P. SILK MUSEUM J. 14/193-10, Kazi Sadullahpura.Vns. Send Enquiry Now
SILK KHAZANA J.14/178, Qazi Sadullahpura, Vns. Send Enquiry Now
Where To Eat
Dharmashalas provide food only for better-known The list has been restaurants in the in the Ghats convenient to find Most restaurants offering a multi-where you are staying cuisine menu are located in the hotels in the Cantonment area. The restaurants in the crowded Ghats area cheaper than in offer mainly reasonably priced Indian food.Bombay. In our list, Varanasi offers food from all parts of India. comes with a mention of its if the traveller is adventurous about food, A sumptuous meal for it may be worth sampling the Indian food from Rs 150 to over offered at these restaurants. Like in other ndian cities, the restaurants in Varanasi are varied - not only in their ambience, or the choices. ack of it, but also in their rates. The Guesthouses and located near the Ghats residents. Here we give a list of the restaurants in the city. broadly divided into Cantonment area and those area, as to make it an eatery close to or working. The food in Varanasi is metros like Delhi and each restaurant speciality cuisine. More........

Where To Stay
Varanasi has a wide range of accommodation - from deluxe five-star and middle-range hotels, to the most basic rudimentary lodging houses that offer a bed and a common shared bathroom. These down-market tourist lodges in crowded localities, are really inexpensive but offer minimal amenities. There are also some guest houses and dharmashalas that are extremely clean, offer good service and comfortable stay. Two well-known Indian hotel chains - the Taj and the Clarks groups - offer services that are more than a match for international hotel chains. Although expensive (Rs 3000 and more for a standard double room), the top- end hotels are reliable and offer impeccable service. What makes them special is the Indian brand of hospitality offered. The deluxe five-star hotels offer facilities comparable to those available in this category worldwide. These include, swimming pools, tennis courts, health clubs, shopping arcades, gardens, 24-hour coffee shops and well-equipped business centres. Most of these hotels have a number of speciality restaurants that are among the best in the city. Tourists, of course, feel pampered in these plush hotels, but business travellers too find them extremely comfortable. The business centres in these hotels provide round-the-clock service, which include efficient secretarial service and facility to send and receive faxes and emails at any time. Single and double rooms have desks with telephone, and in some cases, fax machines.

Separate lounges, complimentary breakfast and happy hours at the bar all add to the feel-good factor. Air and train bookings can be made from hotels, either by in-house travel agencies or resourceful hotel staff. Cars are available for hire - tour and travel agencies also arrange local sightseeing tours with multi- ingual guides. Noise levels in Varanasi are, by and large, pretty high and sound-proofing in middle- level or budget hotels is not exactly great. So, if you are staying in crowded areas, it would be a good idea to ask for a room away from the road. Promises made at the front desk in such hotels often prove to be inaccurate. So it would be a good idea to personally check out the room, whether it really has hot and cold running water, the condition of the toilet, room service and general cleanliness. Most Varanasi hotels are not equipped to provide adequate facilities for the disabled, like wheelchairs, ramp at the hotel entrance and lifts at the ground level. Some top-end hotels may offer these facilities, but most middle-level and budget hotels do not. For the convenience of the first-time traveller to Varanasi, here is an attempt to classify hotels based on tariffs. We hope this will assist the reader to choose his place of stay. We would like to clarify that these are not recommendations but merely a listing. It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance as availability in the busy tourist season is difficult. You may book directly by letter or fax, or indirectly with the help of your travel agent. Some credit cards offer hotel booking service, so do check out if yours does. The checking-out hour is usually 12 noon, although some hotels do it according to 24 hours of stay. So, do ask in advance. It is also advisable to verify bills and retain receipts.

Taxes Levied
Do remember that over and above the room rent, the government levies a hotel entertainment tax on air- conditioned hotels and an additional luxury tax in case of five-star hotels. If you are not an Indian passport holder, it would be advisable to find out whether your hotel, accepts payment only in foreign exchange or at the dollar rate which would mean an additional amount over the rupee rate. Hotels offer discounts during off- season, but not if you do not bargain for it; for, even in the hot summer months when fewer tourists come to Varanasi it is common for hotels to first offer the printed official tariff. All hotels, especially the smaller ones, give discounts for tourist groups and children. Apart from hotels, there are other options that one may consider when selecting a place to stay - dharmashalas run by Hindu religious trusts, and railway retiring rooms. Retiring rooms are available at Varanasi Railway Station for upper-class train passengers with valid tickets. There are also dormitory facilities and youth hostels for students and travellers.

Where To Buy/Shop
The city today boasts of a number of posh show-rooms and business establishments like the Shiva complex and the centrally air conditioned Kuber Complex, housing several top-of-the-line stores and offices. Chowk, Godaulia, Lahurabir, Dashaswamedh and Bansphatak are the main shopping areas. Most modern showrooms are located on Maldahiya Road.

Gems & Jewels
The monopoly of the ornament shops of the old markets of Rajadarwaja, Godaulia, Rani Kua and others, has been challenged in the recent past. If the Tanishq Showroom at Kuber Complex has over- shadowed them with its designer collection, the newly opened show- rooms in Lahurabir and Maldahiya areas are at-tracting the new genera-tion byers. Boutiques and ladies suit stores
Ananya situated at the Hathua market and Pang-hat at Chaudhari Chambers, Kumaccha, offer a rich repertoire of traditional and modern out fits for the ladies, besides all sorts of designer accessories, jewellery and interior decoration pieces. There are a string of salwar-suit shops located at the 100 meter avenue near Luxa. Salwar suits, lehangas and other traditional ladies' outfits could be easily procured at reasonable prices from a host of shops including Libas, prernai Roopam and Rashi. Otner shops include Shehnaz and Night Queen at A Silken Touch
Incredible though it may sound, around 3000 kg of silk is consumed in the weaving units of the city everyday. While 80 per cent of the produce is utilised in the domestic market, the remaining 20 per cent is exported. this helps the country in neting foreign exchange worth Rs 100 core per annum.

All Those Gizmos
Shops on both sides of Kotwalpura and Chetganj offer a wide array of televisions, geysers, fans, desert coolers and fancy lampshades. The Ghugrani lane is the ideal destination for those who want to buy tape recorders, video games and transistors.

Top Gear
With the auto mart opening to foreign companies, several top-of-the-line cars have steered their way into the country. Varanasi is no exception. All major cars have exclusive showrooms in the city. With several companies offering finance for cars, buying a four-wheeler has become very easy.

The final word
An unparalleled treasure trove for book lovers, the Pilgrim Book House near Durgakund and Indica Book House located near the Dashaswamedh Ghat, offer a wide array of books on various subjects. Both have the facility of sending books by air or sea mail.

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