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Vadalur temple

Whenever virtue fails and evil prevails in the world, the Almighty incarnates in some human form or other and disappears after setting right the things.There is ample testimony to the above occurrence in Hindu Philosophy and other religions. On the other hand, we have come across several wise, learned and saintly souls, who have helped the man kind to be relieved of their miseries and misconception and reach the Godhead. But owing to their own unworthiness, some stopped here and some ceased there. Their followers who held esteem about their preceptor (Guru) have also led man kind to an uncertainty. This is all due to their misconception that they are only bodily beings and to attain God-head, one has to shed this outer body.

But the Truth is different. God is Eternal and His presence is perceived in every atom of the universe. The physical body is the outcome of the five elements, viz., ether, air, fire, water and the earth. God?s prevalence is much felt and realised only through this physical bodily life. Human beings are endowed with a reasoning mind, whereas it is not so with other creatures, as they are not equipped with that sense. With this reasoning mind, he can differentiate the good and bad and thus lead a better life.

It is thus evident that only from human body, one can realise the real form of god and consequently live a blessed life for ever. This principle though appears simple, yet the man kind has not attained the maturity to live for ever overcoming the mortality. The main reason is that he has not chosed the right path and also there was no one to guide him in this context. Till now the man was viewing the Lord from the level of the Physical body, and believed that he has been separated from God. His Expectation was that in the long run he would merge with the God and his aim will be solved then.

Almost all the religions are based only on this dualistic idea that man and God are separate entities. Without the true knowledge of our soul, God and the Component parts (the body and the universe), we were thinking and wandering so far in the wilderness of ignorance.

Thus all our past life was thought to be totally miserable. Now we have come to know that the true life of Bliss is to come from the innermost. The world may find it to be a new theory, but it is not so. Under the name of religion, the society was steeped into religious conlicts, sectarian battles and casterism. This has made it uneasy to realise the truth.

The following pages will acquaint us with a noble soul, who in the midst of so manu difficulties, has been able to become immortal, thereby establishing the will of the Almoghty that mankind alone can realise the God-head and live in Eternity with a Blessed life. The world is under the presumption that fate is the vital force acting and nothing can surpass it.

This deep rooted belief is thus falsified now in as much as it can be turned down and make it to help him in achieving the Goal of immortality. templevadalur temple