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Nearest railway station to Tuticorin

Tuticorin is located 2.4 KM away from the nearest railway station ' Turntable Thiruchchendur Railway Station '. Kindly check the current status of the Turntable Thiruchchendur Railway Station at concern department.
DistanceRailway StationState
2.4 KMTurntable Thiruchchendur Railway StationTamil_Nadu
9.8 KMRailway Station KayalpattinamTamil_Nadu
11.3 KMArumuganeri Railway StationTamil_Nadu
14.1 KMKurumbur Railway StationTamil_Nadu
17.4 KMNazareth Railway StationTamil_Nadu
22.9 KMAlwar RailwaystationTamil_Nadu
27.4 KMSrivai Railway StationTamil_Nadu
36.4 KMRailway Station Paravar OrgTamil_Nadu
36.6 KMTuticorin Railway StationTamil_Nadu
36.7 KMTuticorin Melur Railway StationTamil_Nadu

Train from tuticorin

milavittan - tuti_melur -

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