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Nearest bus stop / stand to Tijara

Tijara is located 14.6 KM away from the nearest bus stop ' Mandikhera Bus Stand '. Mandikhera Bus Stand is the nearest bus stop / stand based on our database ; Kindly check the current status of the Mandikhera Bus Stand and nearest bus feasility from Tijara at concern department.
Distancebus StationState
14.6 KMMandikhera Bus StandHaryana
15.0 KMBus Stand NaginaHaryana
17.2 KMKotkasim Bus StandHaryana
25.9 KMUjina Bus StandHaryana
27.0 KMMundanwas Bus StopHaryana
32.1 KMChikani Bus StandRajasthan
32.1 KMChikani BusstandRajasthan
32.3 KMDungarwas Masani Bus Stop RoadHaryana
32.5 KMMasani Bus StandHaryana
33.1 KMBus Stand TauruHaryana

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