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Thiruvidanthai temple

Along the banks of Saraswathi river, in Sambu Island, lived a rishi by named "Kuni" along with his Sishyaas. An small woman helped him and did all the necessary needs towards him. After attaing the maturity, she started to do the tapas. At that time, Naaradar came to her and said that only married woman's tapas are accepted and after then only they can get the final destiny, the Moksha.

So she, went to the Muni's place and asked whether someone in the place can marry her. At that time, Kalava muni said that he will marry her and they both got married and gave birth to 360 female child within a year. Kalava muni became so sad and worried, because he has to make the duty of all 360 woman children to get married to a good persons. So, he came to this sthalam and worshipped the Aadhi Varaghapperumal.

One day, the perumal came there as a Brahmacchari (Bacheolor) and said to Kalava muni that he will marry all of 360 girls daily. Since, he married all the girls daily, he is named as "Nithiya Kalyana Perumal".

DIVINESS OF THE TEMPLE:The name of the first girl is Komalavalli. Because of this, Komalavalli has a separate sannadhi in this temple. Sri Aadhi Varagha moorthy helped Sri Srinivasa perumal in Tirupathi by giving the land. This is one of the small information said about this perumal. As to explain this, we can find a white big pottu (bindhi) in the chin of Nithiya Kalyana perumal and thaayar as we can find in Tirupathi perumal.

Agilavalli thaayar is found on the left shoulder of the perumal and Bhooma devi is also found here next to him. This is of the speciality of this sthalam. thiruvidanthai temple