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Thiruvanchikulam is a place in India state of Kerala located at the longitude of 76.2064773 and the latitude of 10.2103292.

Thiruvanchikulam is located near to kodungalur town. Thiruvanchikulam was the capital of Cheraman Perumal, the last Chera ruler, in the 7th century AD; There are many stories like he left to Kailasham with sundaramoorthi Nayanar etc. it is believed that he abdicated his throne and divided his kingdom among the local chieftains. Thiruvanchikulam was later ruled by Kingdom of Cochin (Perumpadapu Swaroopam).

Mahadeva Temple is one of the oldest Siva temples in south India where Lord Siva is said to live along with his whole family. This temple has got a healthy relation with south India's famous Chidambaram temple. This temple has another rare event called "Anayottam" (Elephant race) which is part of the annual festival. Lord Shiva of the Thiruvanchikulam temple is the family god of Cochin Royal Family (Perumpadapu Swaroopam). Thiruvanchikulam temple has the oldest reference in history. The reference is present in old Tamil sangam literature, well before malayalam was formed.

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