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Thiruparkadal temple

Thiruparkadal a small village near Kaveripakkam on the Chennai-Bangalore highway. There are two temples very close to each other in this village. These temples have an very interesting story behind them. The mummoorthikal (Brahma,Shiva & Vishnu) is said to have given dharshan for a sage. In the first temple Lord Prasanna Venkatesa perumal resides and showers his blessings to us. At the very sight of this perumal you would feel that u are in Thirumala.This perumal is the same as our Srinivasan at Thirumala.The real surprise was more when we saw the perumal in the standing posture above the shiva lingam. As the sthala puranam says that all the three gods gave dharshan to a sage, in this temple shiva & vishnu is said to have given dharshan.

In the next temple the perumal is in the lying posture and is simply majestic.Here perumal is said to have given dharshan for the sage with Bramha from his naabikamalam. Perumal lying on the aadhiseshan is around 6 foot long and his thirumeni is made from a tree called "athhi"(athimaram). Everything was fine but i was totally dissatisfied with the way the temple was maintained. Bright flourescent lights glowing inside the sanctum sanctorum is totally irritating and does not add any value to the sannidhi. Even the archakar showed only a very minimal commitment and performed the mangalaharathi only from outside the sanctum sanctorum. I got embarrassed and even wild at the sight of the perumal theertham being served from a stainless steel vattil . Such is the status of that temple.Left the temple with a heavy heart and only with a a satisfaction of having had a dharshan of perumal, everything else is in total disarray.Thiruparkadal temple