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Thirunallar king thooyakanda

King Thooyakanda, ruler of Vedavarthana situation on the bank of the river Godavari, begot a son after long penances and fulfulling many vows and presented riches and cows to the Brahmins who had conducted a Yaga [Putrakmeshti] for the birth of an heir apparent to the King.

Two Brahmins who were also recipients of cows found that one of them had a bigger size cow than the other. Simitten by jealousy and envy they both quarelled violently which ended in mutual exchange of blows with sticks. Unfortunately a severe blow landed on one of the animals which died instantaneously. Gohatya or the sin of killing a cow, though unpremeditated, overtook the Brabmin who immediately became transformed into a low class human being and was blind too.

The unfortunate Brahmin sought the advice of Sage Romasha who directed him to repair to Darbharaya and seek redemption for his sin from the Lord after taking a bath in the Hamsa Tirtha. Accordingly the Brahmin went there and a drop of water from the head of a woman pilgrim who had just bathed in then sacred waters of the tank and was drying her hair landed on him. And Lal immediately he got back his Original Form and sight, the sin of Cow Killing having been absolved.

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