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Thirumanancheri temple timings

The Temple timing is 6.00 am to 12.00 noon and 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm. It is located in the villages so normally people will start to come around 7am to 8am. Some times temple will be opend upto 1.00 P.M. in the morning session; and it will be opened again from 3.PM to 9.00P.M. in the evening session.

The temple is located in a hamlet so better to leave as soon as possible to Kuthalam or Mayiladuthurai or Kumbakonam. So the best time to come to the temple is morning 8.AM. You can stay in a dormantray hall which is managed by the temple. The fare may be Rs.20 per person.

The common rule for opening time of the temple in TamilNadu and thirumananchery will be Morning session 6.AM to 12PM and 4AM to 8PM. Some temple timings may differ based on the current feasility and devotees.
Contact Details : sir/madam, i am in need of the timing details of thirumanencheri temple get opened... i have my marriage on 18 october and the auspicious time is between 10.30-12.00 then when we come to visit the temple.... is it opened by 3.oo clock in the evening? to enquire this whom i have to contact? please give me suggestions ..............
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