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Thirukovilur history

Tirukoilur chief Malayaman ruled from this place around the 13th century. Tirukoilur chiefs were friendly with the Kadavas and Magadai mandalam chiefs. Malaiyaman is related to the Cholas through marriage.

Lord Vishnu in the name Thiruvikkrama Swamy & Pushpavalli Thaayaar (Vaamana Avathaaram) temple is located in the center of the town. Town evolves around the temple. Tirukkovalur is the birth place of dravida vedam or Naalaayira Divya Prabhandham. This temple is one of the Nadu Naatu Tiruppathi temples comes under 108 Divya Desams and one among the pancha krishnaaranya kshetrams. To have a complete view of the temple one may visit the website www.thirukovalur.org. East of the town has the Sivan Temple situated on the banks of River Pennar. Near to the temple, inside the river, there exists Kabilar(Saint) Kundru (tiny mountain).

Tirukoilur is a place of historic importance. King Malayaman, who is famous for his war and administrative skills ruled from here. "Vallal" Pari's(Vallal - patron king, Pari is one of the 7 patron kings who supported "poets" and scholars. They are famous for their charitable activities.) daughters Angavai and Sangavai were married to Malayaman's son Deivegan and the marriage ceremony took place in a place called "Manam Poondi"[manam - wedding, poondi - lock/bond; place where the wedlock happened). Tirukoilur, is a place where not only Vaishnavites(Worshipper's of Lord Vishnu) and Shivites( Worshipper's of lord Shiva) co-existed with peace and harmony, knowing that Hari and Shiva are the different forms of same almighty.

Tirukoilur is one of the "Ashta Veeratanams" [Ashta - eight Veeratanam - Place of Bravery].

Lord Shiva took various forms(incarnations) to destroy evil and establish justice, of which eight Avatars(forms) are very famous and Tirukoilur is one of them. Ambal (meaning Mother) [better half of lord Shiva],is called as "Brhan nayaki" [Brahan - universe Nayaki - Leader/Queen]. She is called the Queen of the Universe/ Mother of all beings in the Universe.

Lord Shiva's temple has a separate sannadhi[sacred room] for Lord Ganesha, which has historical and epic importance. Here is the place where "Avvaiyar"[Tamil Poetess - Tamil king's court had many Women Poetess, Ministers and Warriors] got the blessings of Ganesha and wrote the famous verse "VINAYAGAR AGAVAL" , which has wonderful Yoga Techniques and has lot of Meta-Physics in it. Tirukoilur had scholars in all fields of Science and Arts and has an important place in South Indian History. (Added by Raghavendra K kragha@hotmail.com)

Tirukoilur is also a very regarded place for madhwas (followers of Dvaitha philosophy of Sri Madhwacharya). Manampoondi is a small village located located between Tiruvanamalai and Tirukoilur. Manampoondi is 36 km away from Tiruvannamalai. It is at a distance of 2 km from Tirukoilur. On the banks of River Pinakini we can find the Moola brindavana of Sri Raghuutthama Teertha (1595 A.D) and Sri Satyapramoda Teertha (1997), very eminent pontiffs of Uttaradi Mutt of Madhwa lineage.

Tirukkovilur tirukkoyilur_historyThirukovilur history

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