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Thirukarukavur karpagaratchampigai

Vedhikai, wife of Niruthuva Munivar and resident of this sthalam, was in the advanced stage of pregnancy. Her husband had gone to a distant place on some work. As it was summer time, she was very tired and was taking rest in her house. Another sage by name Oorthuva Paathar, who was passing by her house, was also very tired due the hot sun and hoped to get food and water from the inmates of this house. In spite of calling for help, no one came from inside the house and when the sage looked inside, he saw Vedhikai in a sleeping position showing her back to the sage. Not realising that Vedhikai was pregnant, he cursed her and went away. But by the time Vedhikai realised that someone has visited her house, sage Oorthuva Munivar had already left the place. Afrai of sage's curse, Vedhikai prayed to Mullaivana Nathar and His consort for safe delivery of her child. Lord Shiva's consort Uma Maheswari took necessary precautions and saw to it that Vedhikai gave birth to the child normally without any trouble. Vedhikai's husband Niruthuva Munivar came to know about these details from his wife on his return. He prayed to the goddess Uma Maheswari that She should protect the foetus of any pregnat woman who visits this sthalam and offers worship to Her. Goddess Uma Maheswari gave this boon to Niruthuva Munivar and She is known from that day as Garbha Ratchaambikai.thirukarukavur karpagaratchampigai