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Thingalur temple

Thingalur temple is dedicated to Moon (Chandra). Thingalur means land (Oor) of Moon (Thingal). Lord Shiva in Thingalur is worshipped as Kailasanathar and Goddess Parvati as Periyanakiamman. A significant feature of the Thingalur temple is that the moon's rays caress the Shiva Lingam during the months of Puratasi (September-October) and Panguni (March-April) Some say that this rare phenomenon happens in the month of Panguni, on the full moon day, the day before and on the following three days.

Lord Chandran is the Lord of mind; He is also the Lord of herbs. When Chandra Bagavan is well placed in the Natives chart, the native will be a great man with the gift of clear thinking ability. When the full moon day occurs on Monday, it is very auspicious to offer prayer to Chandra Bagavan. Thingal , in Tamil, refers to moon (Chandran). So this place is called Thingalur. It is believed that no one has died of snakebite in this place. thingalur temple

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