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Nearest temples around Tanjore

0.5 KM Thanjavur 5.2 KM Mathakottai6.3 KM Dhulukkampatti
6.5 KM Nanjikottai6.8 KM Pillaiyarnatham7.2 KM Thenkudithittai
7.6 KM Panaveli7.7 KM Thiruvedhikudi7.7 KM Thiruvedikudi
7.9 KM Thennangudi8.4 KM Thirukandiyur8.5 KM Surrakottai
8.6 KM Veerasingampettai8.6 KM Murukangudi8.7 KM Alakudi
8.8 KM Thalakkudi8.8 KM Raramuthiraikottai9.0 KM Thirukanurpatti
9.3 KM Vallam9.4 KM Thalampatti9.4 KM Kandiyur

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