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Nearest railway station to Salasar

Salasar is located 50.2 KM away from the nearest railway station ' Railway Station Dulrasar '. Kindly check the current status of the Railway Station Dulrasar at concern department.
DistanceRailway StationState
50.2 KMRailway Station DulrasarRajasthan
52.5 KMNohar Railway StationRajasthan
56.0 KMAslu Railway StationRajasthan
56.4 KMRailway Station Churu JunctionRajasthan
56.9 KMBhukarka Railway StationRajasthan
59.3 KMMelusar Railway Station 9352161000Rajasthan
59.5 KMDepalsar Railway StationRajasthan
62.9 KMRailway Station BhadraRajasthan
65.8 KMRailway Station BissauRajasthan
65.8 KMRailway Station Bissau Sharif ChohanRajasthan

Train from salasar

Route guide: How can we reach to Salasar from Lucknow
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