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Puri temple history

The traditional story concerning the origins of the temple is that here the original image of Jagannath (a deity form of Vishnu) at the end of Krita yuga manifested near a banyan tree,near seashore in the form of an Indranila or the Blue Jewel. It was so dazzling that it could grant instant moksha,so the god Dharma or Yama wanted to hide it in the earth,and was successful.In Dvapara Yuga King Indradyumna of Malwa wanted to find that mysterious image and to do so he performed harsh penances to obtain his goal. Vishnu then instructed him to go to the Puri seashore and find a floating log to make an image from its trunk.

The King found the log of wood.He did a magnum yajna from which god YajnaNrisimha appeared and instructed that Narayana should be made as four fold expansion,i.e.Paramatma as Vasudeva,his Vyuha as Samkarshana,Yogamaya as Subhadra,and his Vibhava asSudarsana. Vishwakarma appeared in the form of artist and prepared images of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra from the tree.

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