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Patteeswaram temple

This is a famous Shiva shrine that has the privilege of getting a mention in Thirugnanasambandhar's songs. This temple is also famous for "Shantha Swaroopi" Vishnu Durga. This was built by the Chola Kings.

Unlike in other temples, the Durga here is very soft in look and grace (Shanta Swarupi). Sitting on her vehicle Lion, placing the feet on the head of Demon Mahishasura, the Gooddess appears in a Tribanga stature, eight hands, three eyes and jewels in the ears. Generally, the Lion carrying Kali would be looking on the right side. But the Shanta Swarupi Durgas Lion here faces the left side. In her hands, the mother holds, conch, wheel, bow, arrow, sword, shield and a parrot.

Thenupureeswarar Temple PaintingVisiting the Shiva Temples in the state, once saint Gnanasambandar came to Thirumazhapadi Patteeswaram. It was summer. The Sun was at his peak. To protect Gnanasambandar from the scorching Sun, Lord Shiva sent a Pearl Umbrella (Muthupandal) through his Bhudaganas. The Lord wanted to enjoy the childish walking movement of child saint ordered Nandi to move from his place. Gnanasambandars joy knew no bounds and sung a pathigam (10 songs) beginning with the word Marai. The incidence is remembered each year during the Tamil Ani Month June-July) with all festive celebrations.

patteeswaram temple