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Nearest railway station to Nathdwara

Nathdwara is located 31.6 KM away from the nearest railway station ' Railway Station Rani Rajasthan '. Kindly check the current status of the Railway Station Rani Rajasthan at concern department.
DistanceRailway StationState
31.6 KMRailway Station Rani RajasthanRajasthan
31.9 KMState Bank Of India Railway Station Branch PaliRajasthan
32.1 KMRailway Station Pali MarwarRajasthan
34.8 KMKhamli Ghat Railway StationRajasthan
40.8 KMSojat Road Railway StationRajasthan
46.0 KMBagari Nagar Railway StationRajasthan
46.0 KMFalna Railway StationRajasthan
46.1 KMRailway Station FalnaRajasthan
49.6 KMCharbhuja Road Amet Railway StationRajasthan
62.1 KMJawai Bandh Railway StationRajasthan

Train from nathdwara

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