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Musiri temple

This town was an inland port of the Cheras who ruled from Karur during the Sangam age, Muziris as mentioned. The original name of this town was "Musukundapuri", named after a Chola king Musukundan. This is apparent from the devotional song composed on the local Vishnu deity in Agrahaaram (area where brahmins live).

Other temples include Chandra Mauleeswara (Shiva) temple, Angaalamman temple, three Maariyamman temples apart from a church and a masjid.

Agriculture is the main occupation in this town situated on the northern bank of Kaveri river. The crops include paddy, sugar cane, banana and vegetables.

The town is connected to Kulithalai town by a 2.2 km long bridge across river Kaveri. Vellore is nearby village to Musiri and has Sivan temple, Lord amman temple, Perumal temple and sellaiye sedachaiyae temple considered to be lord saving village.

musiri temple
History : The correct word for Musukundapuri is "Muchukundapuri".
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