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Mayiladuthurai history

Legends say that due to a curse, Goddess Parvathi took birth as peacock in Mayuram and worshipped Lord Shiva in his form of Mayuranathar. Mayuram means peacock in Sanskrit and it was later translated as Mayiladuthurai in Tamil language. According to the book Mayiladuthurai Mahaangal (Saints of Mayiladuthurai), several saints lived and attained their final peace (samadhi) in and around Mayiladuthurai. Many siddhars also have lived here. Even today there is a village called Sidharkaadu(means "The Forest of Saints") in the western outskirts of Mayiladuthurai. Legends also tell that it was a part of Tharukavanam.yi More over Mayiladuthurai is a combination of three different words, Mayil (means Peacock)+ Aadum (means Dancing)+Thurai (means Place). In total Mayiladuthurai means Place of Peacock dance.

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