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Mannargudi temple

The most important Vaishnavaite shrine is here. It has the name Rajamannargudi as the presiding deity here is Rajagopalaswamy. The shrine is spread over 15 acres. The image of the presiding deity Rajagopalaswamy is 12 feet tall. There are 16 gopurams, 7 prakarams with 24 shrines, 7 beautiful mandapams adorning the inside and 9 sacred theerthams. There is a Garuda Sthamba, a monolithic pillar 50 ft. tall in the forefront with a miniature Garuda shrine on the top. The sacred waters Haridra Nadhi is only a tank but bigger than Kamalalayam at Thiruvarur. The place is also called Dakshina Dwaraka , Dwaraka of the South. Par Pughalum Panguni Triuvizha will be celebrated every year during the month of March. All the temples that are found in Tanjore district are said to be greatest and have lots of great Perumals found. One among such temples is Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalswamy temple.

A Proverb, which explains the greatness of Mannargudi, is Kovil Paadhi Kulam Paadhi This proverb explains that half (Paadhi) of this mannargudi Kshetram is surrounded by temple (Kovil) and rest by Kulam (Pond). Mannargudi is found on the South-east part of Tanjore and there are lots of bus facilities are available from Tanjore, Kumbakonam etc. In this Mannargudi, other saivam temples are also found which are also said to be greatest. In Telugu, Gudi means temple. Since, Sri Rajagopalaswamy who is also called with the name Rajamannar, this sthalam is popularly called as Rajamannar Gudi. Mannargudi sthalam is also called with other names like, Mannarkoyil, Rajamannargudi, Shanbakaranja vandwarapathy, Dhakshina Dwaraka and Vasudevapur.

The specialty of this sthalam is that it is said that if we stay for a night in this sthalam, we will get the credit. Which is equivalent to Donating 1000 cows to someone this is well explained by Pulasthiyar. He explains the greatness of this sthalam to Bheeshmar as stated in Mahabharatha as Thathroshya Rajaneemaykaam Kosahasra balam bhavethi. Once Jainism seems to have flourished in this part as there are evidences of Jain statues in the vicinity. Mallinathaswami Jinalayam is in the middle of a Jain locality. Meru Parvatham, Padmavathi Amman, Nandiswaradeepam and Trikala Tirthankarar are worth seeing in this Jainalayam.