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Kodumudi temple

Cauvery river coming from the northwest turn to the east at Kodumudi. The Shiva temple at Kodumudi is on the west bank of river cauvery. The east facing temple is 640 feet in length and 484 feet in breadth. The temple houses the shrines for Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. The temple has 3 entrances on the east side. One can reach the shrines for God Vishnu and God Brahma by entering through the central gate. To the north of the central gate lies the entrance for the shrine of god Shiva known here as Kodumudinathar. To the south of the central gate lies the entrance for the shrine of female deity.

It is said that the shrines for God vishnu and God Brahma inside the Shiva temple is of special mention here and it is believed they both worship God Shiva at this place. Pandiya kings have patronised the temple regularly and because of the connection of Pandiya kings, this shivasthalam is called as Tiruppandikodumudi. Malayathvuja Pandian, Maravarman Sundarapandian and Pandiya Kesarivarman are some of the kings who have donated land, jewellery etc. to this temple.kodumudi temple

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